OFC Group BV handles your personal data with care.

Processing of personal data via the website
OFC does not keep any data on the website that can be traced back to personal data.
When the visitor uses the ticket mail system, it is forwarded to a secondary system with which only a name and email address is requested.
OFC processes this personal information from you for the processing of a question you have asked us. Here, data that you want to submit yourself is stored and can only be viewed by yourself and by OFC. Upon receipt of the message a wan ip address and a date stamp can be seen by OFC. As long as necessary, this information will be kept until the moment that work is started or not started. The ticket will then be immediately removed.

Data protection policy
OFC is internally bound to confidentiality. Data is only processed on internal secure systems.
Administrative data is stored in a protected manner according to the fiscal obligation. Communication via the website or email is encrypted according to high security protocols. OFC does not allow mail to be forwarded on behalf of OFC. You can forward a received mail on your own initiative.

Our websites only use functional cookies such as your language preference.
No analytical cookies or tracking cookies are used.

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