'A deal is a deal'

As our mission and vision state OFC is often involved in answering questions about legal aspects. Usually OFC is involved with the application of Terms and Conditions, (international) sale agreements, lease agreements or financing agreements. Many times employment contracts and terms of employment are tested by the HR department.
Sometimes OFC acts on behalf of our clients in case of disputes which, according to our vision, can often be overcome by clear communication. Thanks to our specialist knowledge we allow our clients to keep focusing on their core business, by simply offering quick and high-quality customized legal services.


From cure to care?
We are extremely client-centered, instead of extremely business-centered. After all, this often happens too late. OFC helps you prevent (legal) issues. We will look together with you at other ways, appropriate solutions, product, services and ways to change - all of them looking at the future.
In case of legal disputes: OFC helps you by assisting you up to the District Court, also by choosing the right certified mediator, or the right specialist in our network. These issues are often solved in an appropriate manner, which is extremely cost-effective.


Court cases
Apart from the administrative law procedure, OFC can also assist you in interim injunction proceedings (for example: labor law, tenancy right, commercial agencies, lease-purchase agreements). OFC knows the rules of litigation, however, should you need to settle an appeal in Court, then we provide you with a good solution via our network of lawyers who are familiar with a track record. They will help you further and take over the process. If you wish, we can keep following your case strategically. This not only reduces the costs, but your case also gets specialized knowledge.

Our partners can help you with the following law branches: contractual, corporate, property and administrative law, labor, liability law IU – law, insolvency and debt collection as well as Mediation.

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In case your company is having a hard time or the yield is going backwards, for example because of higher costs and/or price erosion, you'll have to increase your efforts quickly. Also in case you suspect you have been a victim of injustice also from a lawyer or similar, we can surely assist you.
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