Thinking Out of the Box

Due to market demands, organizations are continually tightened by law or legislation. This while there is a higher pressure due to customer demands and error tolerance is almost not done anymore. This all does not make it easier. We help you to break the usual way of thinking and acting.

Administrative Organization

OFC was originally founded as a technological company with a considerable background in knowledge and experience in administrative organisation. We believe businesses can be helped by taking a human view. With expertise, being clear and a view from outside as external.

Originally OFC was founded as a technology company with a considerable background of knowledge and experience in administrative organization. We combine strategy , innovation and technology with ambition to design a feasible, adequate resolution and together we resolve obstructions. We work very pragmatic. For others, like banks, we also assess business plans on their merits , examine the best practices in an organization and whether they still meet today's minimum standards .

But we do that together with you. Our approach is quite different than when you 'ask, we run'. It is often necessary, to work just outside the scope due to the dynamics of your organization. Our unique blend of strategy, finance, technology, productivity and legal skills enables us to create a picture of reality. You can respond immediately and test solutions against feasibility. That makes it Agile.

Take as an example of justification:
Accountability means measuring results across the organization with people who are responsible for their own performance. The ability to measure performance accurately is essential for any organization if you wish to increase and to ensure optimal efficiency. A measurement system motivates employees and decision makers alike. They do no longer have to hide behind excuses, after all the facts are suddenly there. Do you recognize the phenomenon?



At OFC we do not believe in a magic bullet when it comes to business challenges of our customers. We do not like the gentle approach but be fair and very result oriented. One Firm One Concept, we then are all on the same page!

Work together

"Companies are not just products and stocks, but people who work together, trade and deliver services with a common goal."

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The use of technology and strategy. We help you
to use the right tools with creative solutions, realistic expectations at an affordable price.

Complete puzzle

We can look at a part of the puzzle or the entire puzzle. Improve your business process. There is more power in your organization than people usually think.


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