Thinking Out of the Box

Due to market demands, organizations are continually tightened by law or legislation. This while there is a higher pressure due to customer demands and error tolerance is almost not done anymore. This all does not make it easier. We help you to break the usual way of thinking and acting.

BPR - Business Proces Reenigineering
With the aim of leading the way, it is often forgotten to make adjustments due to pressure and growth of the organization. With the euphemism as a result of reorganization when the economy changes. The concept of BPR is to bring rapid, radical change in business processes.

Focus on the original processes.
1. Do you organize yourself around results or tasks?
2. Can you assign the right priority to each business process?
3. Is a report work or is a report the result of that work?
4. Centralized and geographically diversified means.
5. Do you know the parallel activities?
6. Do you master the processes and do you still have checklists?
7. Can you access all the knowledge centrally?

This will save you later lots of irritation and unnecessary high costs.
Recovery en BPR
Whenever a company is in trouble, either because of financial reasons or for example because of a lack of business succession or because of fundings, you need to determine whether a change in strategy is enough to reverse the situation. It is necessary to mention sources and improvements and solutions need to be applied by handling them in an appropriate manner.
Company Restructure
During difficult times it is certainly good to outline a new approach at an early stage. In order to do that you need a no-nonsense diagnosis. Next to the client, if necessary, we also talk to their principal banker and accountant to get a better picture of what the real issues are.
Recovery is a very stressful situation both for management and personnel. We offer you hands-on service, and we work together with you during the whole process to make sure we get your business back on track.
What we do for you:
- Viability analysis
- Legal aid
- Risk analysis
- Consultation with debtors
- Consultation with creditors
- Consultation with fund providers
We focus on (re)gaining cash flow, which often improves the situation straightaway. It is inevitable to modify business processes and take cost-effective measures, which involves sometimes less pleasant things such as dismissals or having to to turn customers away or decline purchases.
If your company is walking with leaden feet but is not in direct trouble, then a performance improvement is surely and option. By means of indicators we find out which effective measures can improve the company results. This can be an improvement in the revenue, but also in the costs.

Crisis Management Services

Immediately help if your normal business activities can be interrupted.

Work together

"Companies are not just products and stocks, but people who work together, trade and deliver services with a common goal."

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The use of technology and strategy. We help you
to use the right tools with creative solutions, realistic expectations at an affordable price.

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We can look at a part of the puzzle or the entire puzzle. Improve your business process. There is more power in your organization than people usually think.


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