Thinking Out of the Box

Due to market demands, organizations are continually tightened by law or legislation. This while there is a higher pressure due to customer demands and error tolerance is almost not done anymore. This all does not make it easier. We help you to break the usual way of thinking and acting.

An interesting everyday SMEs example:

Two collaborating retailers, with eight (rented) branches in the Netherlands and Belgium which exist already 10 years. Real professionals. There were several stores, several employees and it looked like everything was running smoothly for years. However, there were no goals, no business plan, no financial overview per branch and, with the exception of payment by card, no automation. A partner took care of accountancy, tax refund and payments for years. They wanted to expand using financial means from third parties. Rabobank contacted us to have a look at it.

Our findings were not rosy. Instead of an expansion we suggested a reorganization. Some branches were technically insolvent, while others were doing great. They knew everything about the profession but just a little about the actual situation. The net earnings were rather negative.

We temporarily took over the accountancy. The intrinsic value capitalized and the cash flow per branch indexed. Meanwhile a central  automation system took care of the administration. Next to other advices, such as a business plan, consultation with creditors and changes, they now have 4 strong branches. Rabobank has maintained their credit. The entrepreneurs  are now 100%  in control.



Case: construction company

Case: the retailers


You have made a business strategy that you want to achieve for a certain goal. What is your inspiration for your employees? Look what they can do or what they can not?

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At OFC we do not believe in a magic bullet when it comes to business challenges of our customers. We do not like the gentle approach but be fair and very result oriented. One Firm One Concept, we then are all on the same page!

Work together

"Companies are not just products and stocks, but people who work together, trade and deliver services with a common goal."

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The use of technology and strategy. We help you
to use the right tools with creative solutions, realistic expectations at an affordable price.

Complete puzzle

We can look at a part of the puzzle or the entire puzzle. Improve your business process. There is more power in your organization than people usually think.


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